Vortex Generators Kit for the Quest GT5 and Quest GT4 Wings


Make a great trike wing even better!

Performance enhancement option for the Quest GT5 and Quest GT4 light sport aircraft wings.  The Vortex Generators Kit improves wing handling and performance by controlling airflow over the upper surface of the wing.

The vortex generators create vortices that energize the boundary layer, providing improved wing control authority at low speeds and high angles of attack.  This kit is a low-cost investment to improve safety and performance.

Kit includes 16 Vortex Generators and template for installation.

Benefits provided by the Vortex Generators Kit include:

  • better climb rate
  • smoother roll rate
  • lighter roll pressures
  • 8% to 10% slower stall speed
  • less movement in the wing in turbulent air
  • improves the wing's stability in turns and turbulence

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